Runaway Offers Special “Inktober” Prompts

Robin Bielefeld has given us some great inspiration for Runaway’s Inktober prompts. Runaway team member Kiah helped Christy Wood come up with a fantastic list of prompts. So the idea is to draw or use a stamp to create a card based on the following prompts. Please tag all of your posts #Runawayinktober2019 so we can find you.

Inktober is traditionally a challenge to encourage drawing everyday through October usually with a spooky, Halloween theme. But we are expanding our use of the “ink” to include stamping and coloring. For instance, we use ink to stamp and Copics or other markers to color.

Artwork is drawn by Robin Bielefeld and will also be for the next Kaleidoscope Coloring Club! The pic is for inspiration so don’t think any of the rest of us will be doing drawing like these! 🤣😂😇

Runaway’s Inktober Prompts 2019

  1. Autumn
  2. Hat
  3. Mask
  4. Beverage
  5. Face
  6. Birds
  7. Vintage
  8. Foliage
  9. Mushrooms
  10. Polka Dots
  11. Mice
  12. Stippling
  13. Tape
  14. Ghosts
  15. Buttons
  16. Cat
  17. A Murder
  18. Creature/Monster
  19. Fantasy
  20. Scissors
  21. Creepy
  22. Eye
  23. Witch
  24. Sweet
  25. Bones
  26. Charm
  27. Pumpkin
  28. Hatching/cross-hatching
  29. Nostalgia
  30. Free Draw! (Anything you want)
  31. Edgar and/or Crows

Kiah and Christy will be drawing and we are sure to be be sharing some art from Robin too! The idea is to have fun and try something you have done before.

Seth Apter comes to Runaway Nov 9 and 10!

Runaway is very excited to be hosting yet another nationally known mixed media artist. This time the very talented Seth Apter will be joining us for two workshops on Saturday, Nov. 9, and Sunday, Nov. 10.

Take a look at the descriptions below — “50 Ways” on Saturday is full and has a good-sized waiting list. If “Get Baked” on Sunday looks interesting, though, you may want to check to see if we have a slot open up. Right now it’s full — but there is no waiting list.

50 Ways to Leave Your Layer

Saturday, November 9 from 10 am – 5 pm (with a lunch break) Fee: $110

Okay. Maybe not 50. But a lot. In this workshop, you will be putting your paint playlist on repeat as we go through a series of paint layering techniques that you can apply to all your creative projects. Everybody will be provided with a journal to work in that we will fill up, page after page, with layered backgrounds. Additive and subtractive paint techniques, properties of acrylic paint, mark making, application strategies, and much more will be included. In the end, you will leave with a new journal that you can keep as a technique reference manual or continue to work in to complete your journal pages in your own personal style.

Supply List (available at Runaway):
Fluid acrylic paint (both opaque and translucent)
Chip brushes (1/2 and 1 inch brushes work well)
Flat paint palette
Ink Pads (in a variety of colors)
Craft sponges
Black and white journaling pens (Signo Uniball are Seth’s favorite)
Heat tool (optional – each table will have one embossing gun or heat tool to share between two people)
Your current art journal, if you have one (optional)

Seth will provide a journal for each participant, plus a number of mixed media supplies not listed. In addition, he will bring the following to share but you are welcome to bring your own as well: unmounted rubber stamps, stencils, textured material

Get Baked!

Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019 from 10 am – 5 pm (with a lunch break) Fee: $110

Get Baked! This ain’t your grandma’s embossing powders. Everything old is new again and that refers to art and craft products too. In this full day workshop, we will be bringing embossing powder into the 21 st century. Using my line of embossing powders, we will start by discussing the properties of embossing powders and reviewing traditional uses, such as stamping. Then we turn to the future and work with new ways to use this product.

Examples include faux encaustics, custom blending, and layering. We will also cover alternatives to embossing pads. You will leave with multiple layered, textured, and dimensional artworks.

Supply list (available at Runaway):
Fluid acrylic paint (a few of your favorite colors)
Ink Pads (assorted colors, any type)
Chip brushes (1/2 and 1 inch work well)
Paint palette
Matte Medium
Glue Stick
Embossing Pad
Heat tool (optional – each table will have one embossing gun or heat tool to share between two people)
Craft Sponges
Black and White fine tip journaling pens and any other of your favorite mark makers (pens, pencils, markers, paint pens, etc)

Instructor will provide:
Embossing Powder
Art Panels and/or Paper
Collage Material
Seth will have washi tape, stencils and unmounted background stamps to share, but feel free to bring your favorites