FAQ on Runaway Classes

A class I’d like to take isn’t on the calendar or it’s full. Do I have to wait until another one is scheduled?

Don’t wait for a class to be scheduled. Most of our classes are on an on-demand basis. Meaning we schedule one based on what we have open and your availability. We then place it on the calendar for other people to join. Please call or email us for potential dates.

Which classes can’t be done on-demand?

Classes not taught by Christy, as other teachers have their own availability, and card classes due to the amount of prep-work.

What days do you typically offer classes?

Tuesday-Sunday. Mondays we are closed.

Christy is unavailable on Tuesdays, but other teachers may be scheduled on that day.

Weekends tend to fill up fast, so if your availability is only on the weekend, a class you request may be pushed out for a couple months.

Do you offer evening classes?

Classes will only run when the store is open. They won’t run past 5 or 6pm depending on the day.

If I schedule a class, does it need to be full to happen?

A class will not be canceled as long as one person is able to attend. Classes may be cancelled for other reasons (the teacher is sick, inclement weather, etc.)

How big are the classes?

Classes typically run small. 4-6 people maximum depending on the class. Exceptions are when we have special guest teachers come, where classes can be over 20 people.

Do I need to pay ahead of time?

Prepayment is required to hold your spot. Depending on how long it is until the class, we will give a deadline when payment must be made.

I can’t make it to the store to pay. Can I pay over the phone?

We don’t do payments over the phone, but we can email you an Invoice from Square. Square is the system we use in the store, and it’ll have a “pay now” option to put your credit card information in. We don’t see your information, only a confirmation email is sent to us saying you’ve paid.

Do you offer private lessons?

We’re not offering private lessons. If a class does not end up full, we’ll allow other people to join the class.

I’d like to sign up with a group of people. Can I sign them up?

You can sign up others, so long as you plan to pay for them. Have them contact us if they need to pay for their spot.

The exception is when we have our special guest teachers that come yearly like Dina Wakley, as we want everyone to have a fair shot to join the classes.

Can I use a gift certificate to pay for my class?

Yes. Just let whoever signs you up know you will be using a gift certificate for payment.

Make sure to have your gift certificate on hand when you show up for class. We’ll ask you for payment if the gift certificate is not given.

I need to cancel my class. Can I have a reschedule, credit, or refund?

So long as you notify us before the class, you will have any of those options. Notification not given before the class will result in no refund and a reschedule will need to be paid for again.

Classes done by certain guest teachers may have different rules regarding refunds.

I ended up having an emergency (medical, family, etc..) and couldn’t call you before the class. Am I still eligible for a reschedule, credit or refund?

Under these circumstances, we can make an exception. Please notify us as soon as you are able. Just like above, classes done by certain guest teachers may have different rules regarding refunds, even under emergency circumstances.

My kid isn’t 13 years old yet but is talented in art and is beyond their years. Can you make an exception?

If we made an exception for one, we’d have to make it for everyone. The reason the rule is in place is that these are adult technique classes that can run for 2-3 hours. It’s less about artistic ability (a lot of our classes are for beginners) and more about grasping the material and following the lesson.

If I took the lesson with my kid, would it be alright?

Unfortunately, no, we’ve had times in the past where a parent must keep their child from being a distraction and it isn’t fair to the other class participants or teacher.

I’d like a class not on the offering list. Can you do other things not listed?

Depends on what you’re asking for. We have done classes that are not listed like a class on alcohol links, Karin markers, or collage papers. Just give us an email or call and we can determine whether it’s feasible or not.

There’s a class I would like that you used to offer, but no longer have listed. Why is it no longer available?

There are numerous reasons why a class may be discontinued. We no longer carry the product(s) that’s predominantly used in said class, the teacher that offered the class may no longer teach with us, class was too difficult to replicate, etc… Ask us to confirm we cannot do it.

Instead of a class, I’d like to rent the space so I can work on my project. Could you find me a time I could do that?

We have one Sunday day a month called Runaway to Play, where you can rent the space and work on your project. Check our calendar for details.

Do I need to pay for Runaway to Play ahead of time?

Because it’s not a class, prepayment isn’t required. Just call or email to sign up. It’ll be first come first serve.

Some classes have a pre-requisite to join. I’ve been practicing on my own time and feel I don’t need the beginner lesson. Can I bypass the required class?

If a class listed requires you to take the beginner lesson before the next-step or advanced lesson, you need to take it. The next-step or advanced lesson builds on what was learned in the prior class.

The exception to this is card making classes. If you’re an experienced card maker, we don’t require you to take Stamping 101. If you don’t make cards, we’ll have you take Stamping 101 first. Card making classes usually have the most supplies to bring and we want you to be familiar with the materials before signing up for one.

What supplies do I need to bring for my class?

See our Class Offerings or Class calendar. The supplies will be listed for each individual class.

Card classes with specific student supplies are emailed prior to the class and include basic card making items and something to color with—usually alcohol markers.

I don’t have all the supplies on the list. Will you have them at the store for purchase?

Yes, most of the supplies will be available for purchase. Please call or email if you want to make sure a certain item is in stock. We can even hold any items you require for the class.

You’ll also receive 15% off regular priced merchandise on the day of class. The 15% discount can apply if you’d like to purchase your items early. But it’s only for the required supplies for the class. Any other items you’d like to purchase will receive the discount only on class day.

For card classes, will you have the items used on the cards for purchase?

Yes. We hold stamps, dies, stencils, etc… that were used on the cards for class participants to purchase during/after the class.

Can I sign up on the day of the class?

If you call at least 20 minutes before the class starts, we’ll tell you if we can make space for you or not.

For card classes, there’s usually a deadline of 3 days before the class, due to the amount of prep-work.

Teachers other than Christy will usually have a deadline to sign up.

I’d like to schedule a class not on the calendar, but I can’t commit to a date yet. Can I hold a date before I sign up?

We can hold a date for a maximum of 2 days. They won’t be held indefinitely. If we don’t receive confirmation by then, we’ll offer the potential date we have open to someone else.

I’d like to shop after class, but I don’t have time. Can I use my 15% off discount another time?

Christy or an associate will give you a card with the 15% discount to use another time if the class runs well past the end time or if the class ends too close to when the store closes. Otherwise, you’ll have to use your discount on class day.

Why didn’t I get an email reminder for my class?

Check your spam folder, as it tends to bump in there.

Your email may have bounced back to us, and we gave you a call and left a message instead.

You didn’t pay for the class by the deadline.