Christy’s Workshop Helps You Get an Extra Jump on “Creative JumpStart”

Just wanted to remind you again about the opportunity to join “Creative JumpStart” — a series of mixed media instructional videos by different artists — and take a special Runaway workshop to get the most out of the opportunity!

When Nathalie Kalbach was here in December, she told us about Creative JumpStart, a series of videos by different mixed media artists. Below is the link to Nathalie’s website and information about Creative JumpStart 2018.

Description from Nat’s website: “Creative JumpStart is a one-of-a-kind community event to jumpstart your creativity in 2018. The Theme this year is “Now We’re Cooking: Mixed Media Art Recipes”. We’re heading into the kitchen of creativity for this one: the Mixed Media studio! Join our crew of Mixed Media Artists and Crafters as they grab their aprons, favorite tools of the trade, and share with their own original recipes for a mixed media masterpiece.”

I will be leading a bi-monthly gathering, where we have permission to project a couple of the videos on our projector. You will need to sign up and be able to show that you did signup for Creative JumpStart by showing me your email receipt. The cost will be $8 per person for 3 hours.

We will watch 1 or 2 of the videos, depending on their difficulty. I will walk us through the techniques demonstrated on the video. Runaway will provide craft mats, water bins, spray bottles, stamps, ink pads, and scissors. You will bring 1-3 art journals and your art journaling supplies. This is a very special opportunity that Nathalie has offered us to view videos and work together. Let’s get inspired and create some beautiful art together!

The picture above shows a sample of Christy’s work after watching the first few videos and trying some of the techniques.