Runaway celebrates the sun’s return from the eclipse with a “Bring Back the Sun” Sale Aug 23-27

Runaway is celebrating the sun’s return from its disappearing act during Monday’s eclipse with a “Bring Back the Sun” Clearance and Stockroom Sale from Wednesday, August 23 thru Sunday, August 27.

If you are in the area, stop by! We are having a HUGE sale. The classroom will be filled with items that need to find a new home.

A lot of these products and odds and ends have never even been available on the floor, so you never know what you might find! We have goodies ranging from stamps, paint, ink pads, and all kinds of mixed media pieces. Looking for some colorful, sparkly wire to add as an embellishment on upcoming projects? You’ll find it here! Want to have a unique gift for a friend? Covered!

You won’t know what you’ll find, since we barely know what we have! That stock room has been hiding all kinds of gems and now you have a chance to play! We are cleaning out to make room for lots of new products – including Halloween, fall and holiday.

Come by to see what Asa, Clavell and Jessica are up to while Christy and Emily enjoy their vacation with “Mr. Christy,” Bethany and Nana (the family is headed to Disneyland so Bethany can see Pooh Bear and all the other characters she loves). And you can help them empty the store while you visit!

The products are priced to sell, and additional discounts will be added on Saturday and Sunday to the already low price on the special sale items and on all used merchandise:

  • Saturday the 26th you will see an additional 20% off the already discounted merchandise in the classroom.
  • Sunday the 27th you will see an additional 30% off the same items.

There are a few exceptions to the “additional discount” price — the additional discount does not apply to Copics, Big Shots, Multiliners and other new items regularly sold at a discount by Runaway.