Dina Wakley returns to Runaway June 1-3!

Dina Wakley is coming back this June. We have just settled on which of her marvelous new classes to offer, and we’re super excited!

Please take a look at the classes below to see if you are interested in joining us for any of them!

Multi-Surfaced Journal Exploration — using Dina’s NEW journal!!!
Thursday June 1 @ 11 am — 5 pm                                                     $150

The new Media Journal is full of varied, interesting surfaces: burlap, canvas, kraft, and handmade watercolor paper. Come to this class to play and explore all the surfaces. A journal is included in the class price. We will stamp, stencil, paint, cut, print, tip in, tear, and have a great day of journaling, playing, and experimenting.

Working in a Series: Playing with Images and Concepts
Friday June 2 @ 11 am — 5 pm                                                     $135
Most great artists take one idea–a color, a concept, an image–and use it many ways in their work. This repetition of ideas and images is artistically valuable. It creates work that has depth and interest, and helps you grow as an artist. Come to this class and we will chose our symbols and ideas, and then we’ll work in a series to create interesting artworks. We will make six expressive and playful small works on canvas boards. The pieces will look great on their own but will be even more powerful together. Be sure to bring your journal to use for mop-up, practice, and note-taking.
Joy of Scribbling and Coloring
Saturday, June 3rd @ 10 am — 1 pm                                                $75
Who doesn’t love to scribble and color! Join Dina as we use new Dina Wakley Media Scribble Sticks to make backgrounds and also to color images, draw, and make interesting marks. This class is chock full of scribbly, colorful techniques for all your mixed media play!


Expressive Drawing: Techniques for Drawing intuitively and Freely
Saturday June 3 @ 2 — 5 pm                                                                            $75

Dina’s “Art Journal Play” classes are all about exploring and playing with art journaling and mixed-media techniques. The goal is to learn techniques, experiment, play, and make finished journal pages. We’ll be working in journals, but the techniques apply to all mixed-media projects (canvases, book-making, etc.).

Even if you can’t draw, you are welcome in this class. Because guess what…Dina says she can’t draw, either! In this class we’ll take our skill level, whatever it is, and push it to be more expressive and free. This class will include powerful, scribbled faces, but will also include so much more–animals, flowers, buildings–you name it, you can draw it. We’ll work in our journals in this class so that we have lots of space for practicing and experimenting.
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If you are interested in taking all of the classes, your total will come to $435.
All classes have short supply lists, but most materials will be provided in class. If you are interested in any of these classes, or if you have any questions, please send us an email at Christy@runawayart.com or just reply to this email. You can also call us during our regular store hours at (503) 881-6270.
Have a wonderful day!